#CharitySoWhite — So… what’s next?

Charity SoWhite
Aug 27 · 2 min read

We launched the #CharitySoWhite campaign to raise awareness of institutional racism in the social sector, by creating a platform for those affected by these issues to speak on them.

It is clear from the stories shared by people of colour that our message has resonated with individuals and organisations. In fact, we have reached an estimated 8 million people so far.

The sector must sit up and listen.

We have a vision for a charity sector that is taking the lead to root out racism.

We believe that the next step is towards action and accountability that will bring about systemic change. This will take investment and commitment from across the sector. Over the next month the organising team will be focusing on how we make this happen. We will:

  1. Ensure that the experiences and stories shared are recorded and accessible.
  2. Create a space for people to continue to share their experiences of racism in the sector.
  3. Define clear goals for the campaign which will enable us to drive conversation forward into action

We are excited to take this work forward and know that doing so will take consideration and intention.

As a first step we want to hear from People of Colour in the sector about how they think conversation can move forward into action, and what that action should be. Please tweet at or dm @charitysowhite with your ideas and thoughts.

We will organise some in person dates for input soon. We also want to hear from you if you would like to get involved with the organising team. For the sector more widely, we would encourage you to keep up with the campaign by following us on @charitysowhite.

In solidarity,

#CharitySoWhite organising team