Scratching the Surface

This week in innovations has really been the week be begin our individual projects, and I could not be more excited for mine.

I am working with another innovations student, Karlee Kopp, to put together a true beauty campaign. What this is is a campaign to promote inner beauty and self confidence on a completely new level. There are other campaigns like this all over the world, and our goal is to find a way to make this completely effective in convincing young girls that they are indeed beautiful. Many kids from middle school to high school struggle with self confidence issues. As a society we are surrounded by impossible standards to meet making us all feel sub par and self conscious. What we should really be doing is celebrating our individuality, and stop chasing an impossible goal that no one can reach.

The ideas that are in the works for Karlee and I’s project are on a large scale, so the project we will be doing for the next few weeks is what I like to consider phase one.

Phase one will begin with a website for this campaign. This will definitely be a learning experience for me because as far as technology goes you could consider me as lost as your grandparents. Once we begin the process of designing a website and then getting it up and running our goal is to promote self confidence in our school, and get many girls behind our movement. We start this movement with Noblesville, but the goal is to hopefully grow this much bigger than we can even imagine.

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