Practice makes perfect

Starting today, I am going to write to this blog daily. I feel lack of English skills, especially writing. Writing is a wonderful exercise because one should use right words and phrases. I can understand almost any English text, but when it comes to writing or speaking I can’t express my thoughts. I don’t know if it’s common problem of language learning.

I think today post will be just announce. Leo Babauta (amazing person, I will certainly write about him) advices to try to make only one habit at a time. One week — one habit. If one will try more all of them are likely to be unsuccessful. The first habit I want to follow is getting to bed in a time. Almost all my attempts failed before. Here comes another idea for post: small research of getting yourself in a bed.

There’s only two things I have to do: experimenting and not giving up. Success is just a matter of attempts.