Top Features of Helpdesk Software

A Help desk software is a automated tool allows your tech members to quickly and easily set up a Helpdesk ticket support system for your customers. The helpdesk software collects the issues from your customers, assign the issues to the responsible helpdesk technicians and reports the status of all the tickets received by thus it makes it professionals work easier and lessens the manual process

Helpdesk Software is a most comprehensive customer solution software comes with latest and advanced features.With our helpdesk software keeps your customer support operation organized and efficient.
Email Ticketing

Our Helpdesk Software Provide better customer experience with email marketing for your Business.Email ticketing is one of the core features that the helpdesk software avails to them. The system allows them to sort all client support emails and manage them from a centralized email ticketing system.

Knowledge Base

Our Customer Service software Offered Knowledge base is easy to use and make it helpful your business.A knowledge base is an editorial on a helpdesk software that explains the answer to the most recurring questions. An efficient helpdesk unit allows you to save them as IT knowledge base or internal knowledge base.

Help Desk Reporting

Our Helpdesk Reporting Software is incredily felxible Report System and allows you to create reports for support tickets based on business requirements.The system will also show you the kind and source of tickets that you’ve been receiving. It also shows you the most common platform that your clients use. This in turn, helps you to customize your resolutions.

Self Service Portal

The essence of the helpdesk is to ease the load on your staffers. Given this goal, we provide automated helpdesk units that provide a platform for creating self-portals. Most often your clients would rather try figuring out solutions before they contact you. That’s why you need to have a system that can host a robust and effective self-service portals. Our helpdesk unit has a multi-features platform that enables your clients to design and monitor their self-service portals. The self-service portal is for hosting tricky questions, status of inquiries and provide community forums.

SLA Management

Our SLA management perfectly monitors all the features in the helpdesk software.The SLA is simply an exclusive reporting app that allows your end-users to make an arrangement with you regarding reporting period, apply applicable filters, and generate the report.

Nowadays many companies started using helpdesk software for their customer service. By choosing the best helpdesk software you can make sure that your IT professionals solves more problem with less time duration.