I’m going to be brutally honest.

This kind of entitlement mentality is how I can see why these kinds of millennials will ruin themselves. Paying dues or earning rewards is a foreign concept in their generation and it doesn’t help when they voluntarily shelter themselves from reality, responsibility, and consequence. Demanding accommodations that are ridiculous, like making me a monster for calling a woman a man even though I mean no disrespect but can obviously see female body parts, or demanding “safe spaces” for people that fabricate their whole existence to be different from people that are not obsessed with alternative lifestyles, and spending too much time praising themselves with insane amounts of selfies (unhealthy/narcissistic) and false friends (shallow ties), makes them awkward and antisocial. I graduated college years ago and I recently decided to take some college classes to use military benefits I earned and never used, but I soon left school because I can’t tolerate millennials… They had a “slutwalk” and handed out “rape education” pamphlets in their underwear as I was touring a campus, holding banners that say “sex positive world” while promoting “cam girl” sites and wearing a shirt that says “#killallmen”…. Over-sexed, immature, not realistic, confused, and with extremist values, screaming and yelling for attention and offending people who actually have healthy views on relationships, I felt so uncomfortable there, I didn’t go to that school, where is my safe space? When I decided to go to a community college, these “kids” were wearing pajamas to school daily, never spoke to one another outside of social media, and tried so hard everyday to create an image, down to every detail of what the personality they wanted to artificially create, like the pierced up, inked cliches of being different, when now everyone looks like they shop at hot topic or how multiple millennial women have said that they have a liz lemon or amy pohler personality? How can someone feel comfortable admitting that they try to act like a TV character, that’s like me saying I’m like Darkwing Duck... Appearance is nothing, but I respect college and professors enough to assimilate to a professional environment instead of trying to get people to give me attention like they seem to do. No life skills, no social skills, and no accountability for their lifestyle choices, pretty much sums up an average millennial. With that said, there are some that are brilliant, beautiful millennials, but most have the whole world shaking their head in confusion of how a generation can be so lost and broken… They all try to offer me “smart drugs” and most millennials are on them or some other type of pill for whatever condition they feel they need to get more attention, like all the service animal fraud they do too. when did it get fashionable to have to have an animal or medication to cope, because legitimate therapy and health issues are serious, I have PTSD from multiple war tours, but I keep it to myself while I have too many classmates that make it a point to tell me that they have anxiety issues, eating disorders, or they cut themselves, in a world where violent crime down, fighting is no longer a problem in schools, and when medical science as well as free information (internet) has offered multiple alternatives to being in despair. They try too hard to not relate and while I’m from gen x and I love my baby boomers and the new generation of children bring tears of joy into my eyes as to what the future may hold, because they are so compassionate and intelligent. These millennials however, will just be on social media, online gaming communities, and in their “safe spaces” as the world moves past those that just want to feel sorry for themselves or not include themselves into the real world outside of all the artificial shit they idolize, like trying to be retro, I am retro, don’t need an NES controller phone case to act like I am, I’ve actually used one. They never even contributed anything, social media, the internet, and the global economy is all from everyone that actually had to struggle to create something new like Mark Cuban eating less than $2 dollar dinners and sleeping on the floor of an apartment with 5 other guys, instead of just acting like hipster and calling something someone else did better “yours” or living with parents and blaming the economy (and previous generations) for no opportunities, which I’ve heard multiple times. They are the most unoriginal, self-righteous, artificial generation that does not know the definition of the words “authentic” “perseverance” or “temperance”. I’ve wasted too much time on them now, so I will return to the good life that have earned through military service, studying supplement-free, demonstrating good work ethics consistently for years, and in taking risks by going outside my “safe space” to establish my own business in an industry I’m helping to create, of which I know nothing about, but spent hours a day (without adderall) to learn about successfully. Have fun with FarmVille, I’ll be physically (comfortably) working on the weed farm I just bought to retire on at the age of 31. See ya!

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