Stop Being Afraid of “Looking Stupid”

“I’m going to look stupid,” I would say to myself. This was my own personal fear that people would not understand my work or what I was doing, therefore I would “look stupid” to them.

In the past, this fear has taken over of me where it has stopped me in my tracks, causing me to quit sharing my writing and poetry. About 10 years ago, this is exactly what happened to me when I decided that I wanted to share my work. I went to a few poetry and spoken word clubs in the city and I ventured on stage during Open Mic Night. As I recited my poems, the eyes staring back at me was petrifying. I was concerned with how I looked and how people perceived me. I wondered if I “looked stupid” to them. That fear became too overpowering, which caused me to quit and I stopped pursuing my dream.

Sadly, my fear of “Looking Stupid” won.

Since that time I have seen how this fear has not only stopped me, but so many others. We become overly concerned about what people think. Our minds wonder if others are thinking that are work is good or if it is horrible. We become angry when their feedback is not what we want or expect. Sadly, we then decide that we would rather, not share our work than to “look stupid” or be embarrassed in front of people.

This is the wrong type of thinking. Of course, someone will think we look stupid and idiotic. Not everyone will understand what we are doing or trying to accomplish, so that will “look stupid” to them. It is up to us to stop trying to prove ourselves to everyone. We must know our purpose and goals and what is needed to accomplish them. Once we know this, we will stop worrying about what other people think and if we “look stupid” or not.

Remember, if we look to others for their approval, we will be disappointed. And if this need for approval causes us to stop going after our purpose and dreams….I hate to say it…we will “look stupid.”

Charlene is a writer from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
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