The Ironworker Video Candidate is Great, But This Candidate Is Paul Ryan’s Toughest Competition

Candidate Cathy Myers Stands With Us, Against the Enbridge Tar Sands Pipeline

I am so encouraged to see that Cathy Myers, who just announced her campaign against Paul Ryan yesterday, has already spoken out against the proposed Enbridge tar sands pipeline that would cut through the heart of Wisconsin’s 1st Congressional District (video here). Cathy has set herself apart as an outspoken advocate on environmental issues, which is why she has earned my support and full endorsement.

Not only is Cathy the best candidate on the environment, she is also the only candidate in the race that has won an election. She is a two-term Janesville School Board member and earned the most votes in both elections. Not only has she gotten herself elected, but she led a campaign in 2015 that flipped her school board to a progressive majority for the first time in decades.

As a former AFSCME local president in Walworth County, it matters to me that Cathy is a labor leader that has actually been elected union president by her co-workers. She also led a successful three-week strike in 2003, not for a higher salary, but for teacher prep periods. By flipping the Janesville school board, she is also responsible for protecting one of the strongest teachers’ union contracts in Wisconsin despite Scott Walker’s anti-union law, Act 10.

The Enbridge Pipeline threatens not only Walworth County or Wisconsin or even the country, it threatens our entire planet. There is no more important issue in this Democratic Primary, and Cathy Myers is the candidate we can trust to not only say the right things, but to take action to move this issue forward and protect our climate.

Cathy’s primary opponent, Randy Bryce, hired Nation Consulting to run his campaign. That’s the same Nation Consulting that represents Global Pipeline Partners, which has already constructed two Enbridge pipelines through our district (link here and here).

The latest Enbridge pipeline proposal is an existential threat that Wisconsin Republicans seem dead set on pushing through against the will of the public. Enbridge has a history of building pipelines in a piecemeal fashion to avoid widespread public outcry. Enbridge also deceives the public by promising that its pipelines will be low-capacity while at the same time building pumping stations that can double or triple that capacity without notice.

The proposed Enbridge tar sands pipeline will be able to carry 2x the capacity of the Dakota Access Pipeline!

We need an advocate like Cathy Myers to make this a national issue, and we need a candidate for Congress that has the resume and political skills to beat Paul Ryan.

That’s why I support Cathy for Congress and I hope you will to! Find out more or join her campaign at her website, facebook, or twitter.