How to Use Jasper AI to Write Fictional Stories

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Jasper is an artificial intelligence writing assistant that can write fiction stories, blog posts, entire books, marketing emails, Ads copy, creative stories, and more.

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Jasper uses a proprietary writing algorithm to write fiction stories that are indistinguishable from human writing.

Using Jasper, fiction writers can focus on writing fiction stories that sell, while spending less time rewriting and repurposing their fiction stories.

Fiction writing with Jasper involves a collaborative writing process, where fiction writers explain to Jasper what their fiction stories are about and let Jasper write the fiction story.

Let me quickly demonstrate how it works.

Step 1: Get a Copy of Jasper AI Assistant

Jasper gives you 10,000 words for free to understand how the A.I works, they also have a community group and lots of tutorials for you to get the hang of it and start using it effectively.

Step 2: Create a Fiction Writing Project

Once you fully understand the concept and process, you will need to get the Boss Mode package.

Boss mode allows you to get all the pro features that are limited in the Starter plan.

In Boss Mode, Jasper will read 3,000 characters above where your cursor is in the document.

If you’re not using Boss Mode, it will only read the last 600.

Letting Jasper have more vision increases its context to write higher quality and more relevant content.

On the “Templates” section open the Long-form template.

Long-form Template

Create your title, a brief description of your content, the tone of voice, and the relevant keywords.

Sample fiction story

It’s best to write the introduction paragraph in order to guide Jasper in the direction of your story.

In our case, I decided to use the description as the introduction.

Step 3: Compose the Story

Once you are done with the setup, click “Compose” and let Jasper write your fiction story.

The fiction writing process with Jasper is a collaborative one, meaning fiction authors will give a brief idea of what the fiction story is about and Jasper will take it from there, writing a fiction story that sells.

You can preview the Jasper content and make changes if necessary.

Here is a sample story from our plot above:

The Amazon Rock

Jack and Jill were two mad scientists living in the Amazon rainforest.

One day, while exploring the jungle, Jill discovered a mysterious shiny object.

The scientists were mesmerized by it and couldn’t take their eyes off of it.

However, they were also terrified of it.

They didn’t know what it was or where it came from.

They decided to take the object back to their lab for further study.

In the lab, they observed it closely and discovered that it was emitting a strange frequency.

They also realized that this frequency was so strong, it could affect the space-time continuum.

They were unsure of what would happen if they tampered with such a powerful frequency.

However, their curiosity overwhelmed them and they decided to see what would happen if they adjusted the frequency just a little bit.

Much to their surprise, they discovered that if they adjusted the frequency just so, it could bring anything to life.

They used it on various animals and objects but their favorite discovery was when they brought a plant to life with the frequency.

They decided to name the frequency “life frequency”.

The scientists could not control the life forms they brought to life with the life frequency.

They created various creatures — some friendly, some not-so-friendly.

They became scared of what would happen if people found out about their discovery, so they decided to cover up any evidence of their work.

Their lab and all of their notes were buried deep underground to ensure that no one would find any trace of them…or the life frequency.

Step 4: Finish Your Fiction Story

Jasper fiction stories will need fiction authors to proofread and clean up the fiction story before publishing it.

Finish your story by adding a description of the characters that appear in your story, adding any subplots or subchapters.

You can also add images to enhance your Jasper story.

You can add images from jpeg, png, and gif.


Jasper is a fascinating technology that promises to give fiction writers an edge over the competition by allowing them to spend less writing time, and writing more fiction stories in a shorter amount of time.

It’s easy to use jasper as all you have to do is provide a brief description of your story and jasper does the rest for you, it can also be used to write blog posts, emails, and technical documents.

Jasper is an incredible innovation in writing technology, I highly recommend you try jasper out and see for yourself.



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