The Recall Amendment

A Special Constitutional Amendment to Recall The President of the United States

Charles Bastille
Jul 21, 2018 · 4 min read
Photo by Vince Reinhart : Rally against Family Separation — Cleveland, Ohio

The resistance is very busy. We’re fighting so many battles that everyone is exhausted. We are fighting to keep migrant families together. We are fighting to stop sexual abuse in child internment camps. We are fighting to stop the environment from getting destroyed by the EPA. We are fighting Putin and Russia. We are fighting for women’s health rights. We are fighting for better healthcare and a decent wage. We are fighting blatant, extreme racism. We are fighting to keep old foreign alliances together. We are fighting insane tariffs. We are even fighting to keep Canada the close friend we all have grown accustomed to.

What if we dropped those battles? Not because we can’t win them. Not because we no longer care. But because if we don’t, we could lose them all. There are just too many fronts on this war.

What if we make this a two front war?

One: The midterms. Essential. We MUST get out the vote. We must not only turn over Congress in a blue tsunami. We must flip state legislatures en masse. We can do this if we get people to vote.

Two: This relies on the success of One: what if we force congress to convene an Article 5 Convention to pass a single, solitary amendment to remove the president of the United States and call for new elections? This requires passage by two thirds of all state legislatures, but if it happens, Article V of the Constitution requires Congress to convene an Article 5 Convention. To prevent the alt-Reich from hijacking such a convention to achieve their own goals, each state would pass the directive that only this amendment shall be considered in this “Article 5” Convention.

Let me be clear. THIS IS NOT THE SAME THING AS THE KOCH BROTHERS’ attempt to convene a constitutional convention. This is a ONE-OFF. The Article 5 Convention’s ONLY purpose is to enact this amendment. Nothing more.

Another consideration. Does anyone really think Republicans will risk losing Trump’s base to remove him from office?

So. what exactly would this amendment look like?

Something like this (feel free to add your own suggestions):

Section 1

The states of the United States declare that the November 8, 2016 election is null and void.

Section 2

The states of the United States demand a special Presidential Election to elect a new President and Vice President of the United States

Section 3

The states of the United States direct that in the special election for a new President and Vice President, and for this special election only, the results of the election shall be determined by popular vote, without the involvement of an electoral college.

Section 4

The states of the United States direct that balloting will be implemented with paper ballots. No form of electronic balloting or electronic devices shall be used to accept the peoples’ votes, except as noted in Section 7 of this amendment.

Section 5

The states of the United States direct that the special Presidential Election take place in each state on the first Saturday 90 days following ratification of this amendment.

Section 6

The states of the United States direct that no other election shall be held for any state, federal, or local office simultaneously with the special Presidential Election.

Section 7

The states of the United States direct that all ballots shall be write in ballots for the special Presidential Election using Scantron technology. No formal candidates or party affiliation shall be required. Voters will be required to write in their candidates of choice for a) President and b) Vice President.

Section 8

The states of the United States direct that this amendment is permanently null and void if not ratified by 3/4 of state legislatures before November 3, 2020.

Each state will need to follow the same template for passage of the amendment, and require that the Article 5 Convention that is convened consider ONLY this amendment. No other issue shall be considered or additions made to the amendment. It cannot be a general constitutional convention. Alexander Hamilton was clear about this in the Federalist papers when he stated that when the proper number of applications (states calling for an Article V Convention) had been received, Congress was “obliged” to call a convention and that “nothing is left to the discretion of Congress.” To guarantee a successful defense to a constitutional challenge before SCOTUS, it is imperative that the language in each state’s law passing this amendment makes clear that any Article 5 convention resulting from this effort be a single issue convention.

We’ve achieved more than this as a nation. We defeated two fascist world powers in WW2 after a devastating attack on our Navy in Pearl Harbor.

We are in a similar situation today. The fate of the country, and possibly the world, is in our hands. We have a lot on our plate. Let’s take care of everything with one, huge, massive effort. I believe in you. Do you?

This is a typical Scantron

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