Why don’t you want to get shit done?
Jon Westenberg 🌈

Great article Jon, thank-you very much for taking the time to write it.

It’s refreshing to look at productivity from this angle, especially as someone with ADD. It helps me realize that to some degree, everyone suffers relentlessly from procrastination in one form or another, and therefore it helps loosen some of the built up anxiety that I’m on my own level of un-focused that far exceeds anyone else’s, and therefore will never be able to achieve the goals I strive for. The little voice of doom isn’t always there, but reading things like this helps drown it out when it does decide to try and rock the boat.

One takeaway I have from reading this is the act of thinking long and hard about the reasons we wish to do X might be a major defense against procrastination sinking in — in other words, treating the disease instead of the symptom (symptom ‘I’m not using a digital to-do list, that’s my problem’ etc.)

Is that what you meant? If so, might a good place to start be devoting an hour or so at the start of the week to sit and think long and hard about why we wish to work on and ultimately complete our projects, exploring the honest motivations and potential rewards?

I’m interested to hear your thoughts, cheers.

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