Belgium’s Folly: Why the Right to Die Does Not Rightfully Belong to Children
Clay Farris Naff

Ever since I read about this I have been severely conflicted. I agree with all the points you make, Clay, especially about palliative care, but I also will for the rest of my life remember with horror and guilt how I stayed night and day in my wife's hospice room for weeks as she slowly, slowly, agonizingly succumbed to complications of dementia. She eventually lost consciousness but what I characterize as agonal breathing continued for days more. Hospice was wonderful and insisted (!!) she was not suffering (!!)… I still don't believe it. But I also have no idea what I would have done had I had the power to order it ended. I think I am glad that I did not have that power because had I exercised it then my guilt might be too much to bear. As it is, it almost is.