The Fishhook starts in Orange County, bows through the Inland Empire and extends through the Central Valley. (Map created by Claremont Graduate University Advanced Geographic Information Systems Laboratory.)

The Fishhook: How Grassroots Politics Is Changing California’s Republican Heartland

Democracy begins at home, not in Washington or Sacramento: action before voting.

After the 2018 midterm election, the OC is without a single GOP member of Congress.

Maria and Proposition 187

Maria Brenes and friends at high school graduation. (Courtesy of Maria Brenes)

White Anxiety, Proposition 187, and Rising Latino Political Activism

Proposition 187 declared that the people of California, “are suffering personal injury and damage caused by the conduct of illegal aliens in this state.”

Maria Brenes (second from right) working as organizer at Berkeley. Luis Sanchez, far left with plaid shirt. (Courtesy of Maria Brenes)

“We have a big focus on the Fishhook part of the state where there are hotspots where young people make up a majority of the electorate, yet where they hadn’t participated…”

The Dimming of the Post World War II California Dream

The California Comeback

It had been thought that the lack of a potent Republican opposition would stifle policy debate and innovation. The opposite happened.

The California Dream Updated

“California was not discovered; it was invented.”

Maria Brenes and Luis during construction of new headquarters for InnerCity Struggle. The building was opened and in June 2019.

An emeritus professor at Claremont Graduate University writing about politics, policy, and education

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