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Intro: The Replication Crisis

In 1991, David Lykken observed that when we bother to look, many of psychology’s findings do not replicate. Though statisticians have been saying this for decades, the issue is finally gaining increased attention. For example, in 2015, the Center for Open Science tested the findings of 100 studies. A whopping 64% did not replicate.

Perhaps surprisingly, it doesn’t matter how famous the finding or how frequently it’s cited. For instance, we all know that student test performance is affected by bringing up stereotypes, right? Yeah…except that doesn’t seem to actually be the case. And we’ve all…

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Seeking the Minimal Path to Value

You cannot dig a hole in a different place by digging the same hole deeper.

— Edward de Bono

In a famous experiment, people in favor of or opposed to capital punishment read and then assessed two studies, one that supported their position and one that undermined it. Both groups rated the study that supported their view as methodologically superior and felt the two studies together favored their stance (Lord et al., 1979). Both of the studies were fake. Though amusing, this shows that two groups who disagree can look at the exact same…

Charles Lambdin

A husband, parent, and Product Strategy Consultant at Intel

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