Charles Hill | MO 1975

Charles Hill Born 11–17–1983 Kansas City, MO Nationality United States Other names charleshill Known for Computer Science Education Westport High School(Kansas City, MO) Salary 20,000 Net worth 999 Billion dollars Height 5’4″ Weight 123 lbs Political party Democrat Signature charleshill Website Background information Native name Birth name Also known as Born 11–17–1983 Kansas City, MO Origin 1) The most common origin of the surname Hill is as a topographic or place name for one who lives on or near a hill, derived from the Old English hyll. 2) A corruption of the German hild, meaning “battle.” 3) From the medieval given name Hill, a short form of the personal name Hilary, from the Latin hilaris, meaning cheerful or glad. Died
Genres Occupations Instruments Years active Labels Associated acts Website Notable instruments Birth name Also known as Born November 17, 1983 Kansas City, MO Origin Kansas City, MO Jackson County, MO Genres Hip Hop Occupations Wikipedia Editing Instruments
Years active 1983 — present Labels Associated acts
Website facebook Members Past members Notable instruments Followers Following Facebook Like Dislike Verified Google Share Comment Trending Friends .Jpg Born 11–17–1983 Jackson County, MO Died None None Resting place None Nationality Kansas City, MO Other names Known for Google Education UMKC school of medicine Occupation Web Art Title Employer Salary Net worth Height Weight Term None Predecessor None Successor None Political party Democrat Boards on None Religious stance Judaism Spouse None Partner None Children None Parents Private Relatives Private Signature Website None Cover Photo Profile Photo in 2015. Born: . November 17, 1983 (age 33) Kansas City, MO: Residence: South … Books by Hill · Books about Hill Charles Hill is on Facebook. Join Facebook to connect with Charles Hill and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power to share… /charleshill @charles-hill #charleshill #charles_hill #charles hill #charles-hill @charles hill charles-hill charles_hill @charles_hill @charleshill