Taiwanese gay rights group protests against major political parties

With the American Supreme court decision that effectively legalised same-sex marriage, Taiwanese advocates are now hoping to take advantage of this surge of optimism to further their cause. The Taiwan Alliance to Promote Civil Partnership Rights (TAPCR) has called for a marriage equality march this weekend (Saturday, 11th July). Prior to the demonstration, it has lobbied outside the headquarters of the country’s two major political parties, the KMT (Chinese Nationalist or 国民党)and DPP (Democratic Progressive Party or 民族进步党). They submitted a petition this morning (8th July) and distributed pamphlets to both party’s members.

At 8 in the morning, members of TAPCR visited the main office of the KMT and plastered the profile pictures of Lu Hsueh-Chang (呂學樟) and Liao Cheng Ching (廖正井) with rainbow flags. Expressing disapproval of the legislators’ blocking of reforms in the Judiciary and Organic Laws Statutes Committee, they also appealed to its Presidential candidate Hung Hsiu Chu (洪秀柱) and the Legislative Yuan caucus to stop paying lip service to gay rights and engage in real action.

Source: 苦劳网 facebook, Activist places rainbow flag on profile photo of Liao Cheng Ching (廖正井). His forehead reads, ‘Homophobe’.

Half an hour later, the group made its way to the DPP base. They criticised the opposition parliamentary leader, Ker Chien Ming (柯建銘) for using the excuse of a lack of consensus to delay reforms while its own chairwomen, Tsai Ing Wen (蔡英文) had said that more can be done for gay rights in media interviews and on her personal Facebook page. TARC also singled out DPP legislators, Yu Mei Nu (尤美女) and Cheng Li Chiun (鄭麗君), expressing gratitude for their record on gay rights, while exhorting others in the party to follow their lead.

Both parties have responded similarly to their presence outside their offices. KMT did not formally reply while the women’s department, Deputy Director, Liu Yi Chieh (劉依潔) of the latter accepted their petition. Liu promised that their message would be relayed to the rest of the party.

TAPCR organiser, Xu Xiu Lin (許秀雯) has said the Saturday march would bypass the headquarters of both parties again. She hopes the recipients would be less frosty and more prepared when they descended on their HQ this weekend. Besides promoting their cause through legal changes, TAPCR is also looking at taking the government to court. The rights group would inform the public of this possibility after its lawyers have examined the proposition and its viability.

Photographs/Song Xiao Hai (宋小海)、Lin Jia Su (林佳禾)
Text/Lin Jia Su (林佳禾)
Translation/ Charles Tan

Source/苦劳网 facebook. Access more pictures and the original report of this specific action from the specific post.