Dear Mark Zuckerberg
Susan Lyne

Your article presupposes that the Presidential Election and all the anciliary campaigns that something happened unexpected. Damn right something unexpected happened? We the America people spoke up with a thunderous roar. Conservatives,Independents, blacks,hispanics,asians and yes some Democrats voted for Donald Trump for President. Why you ask? America was fed up with what liberal progresives that were spoon feeding us. We were fed up with the Liberal media reporting Hillary Clinton was way ahead in the polls-Lies, Lies,Lies. We were fed up with the incompetent President Obama. We are fed up with Hillary Clinton deleting 33,ooo emails and destroying Ipads,blueberries and computers. Even after a warrant order to not destroy emails. Three Navy Seals and one U.S. Ambasssdor to Libya, Christopher Stevens were killed by Hillary Clinton and President Obama through their incompetence and disregard for American lives. Even after Ambassador Stevens made over a hundred requests to improve security at the consulate in Benghazi,Libya. It was refused by State Department which Hillary Clinton is in charge of at the time. Then day after the debacle, Hillary Clinton and President Obama used the video as an excuse on why Muslims attacked the embassy-Bullshit…! It was a cover story to protect their asses from ridicule and condemnation from their priority of protecting a sovereign borders of Libya. Then there is Whitewater scandal, Savings and loan scandal, Monica Lewinsky. Lastly Hillary Clinton is a nasty person with Veterans and Secret Service and many others. As told by the Secret Service agent in the Whitehouse. Once a Secret Service agent once said good morning to Hillary Clinton. She said “Fuck off”. Another time a Veteran once said Good morning to her. She said to the U.S. Veteran “Get out of my”. These are only afew instance of countless many encounters. You are either got your head in a hole like a Ostrich; Or you really belive this liberal crap. Either way you are misguided and lost. People like you are driving this great Country of ours into the ground with debt with its’ entitlement programs that we can ill afford. I’m going to make it my mission that you liberals never come back in power again. ..God Willing. God Bless America and God Bless Donald Trump/Pence.

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