Of course, government cannot possibly be corrosive…gotcha.

And yet here you are using the internet — built from a government-funded defence project (did we mention governments funding defence?). I’ve already chosen not to live in the US: I describe why in the article. I’m happy living in a country with higher taxes but more state support for everyone.

“The fact is that the countries with the least government interference in the market are the best economically.”

What on earth is “best economically”? Biggest? Most efficient? Largest contributors through their products to world GDP? You’re blinded by economic dogma; if you can’t see that taxes are essential to a society which has the rule of law, respect for intellectual and physical property, and equality under the law (three essential components for a successful state) then you’re repudiating the lessons learnt the very hard way over thousands of years by successive generations.

Once more, you can free yourself completely of taxes. Head for Somalia.

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