X-Wing: Headbutting a Wall

Once upon a time I shuffled up some cards and randomly drew Decoy and Deathrain. I then forced myself to shoehorn them into a list for a tournament. I’ll let that sink in for a moment. While it was a fun puzzle to figure out, the end result was 1 win 3 losses and I had reorganising shuffled cards to look forward to.

Eat chem trail rebel scum

The major standout for me was Deathrain and what fun he was to fly. Now as most of you are aware the TIE Punisher never really took off like it’s rebel heavy bomber counterpart did and was confined to most people’s shelves gathering dust. However recent ship releases have contained some upgrade cards that could give this ship a much needed boost.

This is why Lightweight Frame is so important

Unguided Rockets, Bomblet Generator and an unreleased upgrade that may have the potential to launch bombs like ordnance. I’ll take them all! Except maybe the rockets. Accuracy Corrector would be better for Deathrain’s boosting shenanigans.

Deathrain with Accuracy Corrector, Bomblet Generator, LWF. 34pts

This is my preference to gaming. Taking the low tier stuff to the table and battling it out with the higher tier stuff. It worked with Space Cows (sorta) and I’m gonna make it work with this four-dustbin-lid-tie-bomber-hunchback-thing. I could go in depth about how this is a terrible idea but I need sleep. I’ll be back once I’ve gotten some practice games in. :)

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