X-Wing: Starting a new hobby

Browsing my local comic book store I eyeballed the X-Wing miniatures starter set a couple of times but didn’t give it much notice. Sure I’m a huge Star Wars nerd but I figured I’d play it once and then stick it in the pile of board games I have at home never to see the light of day again. One day I decided to google it to see what it’s all about.

I watched some YouTube videos of X-wing being played, specifically tournaments. TIE Fighters moving for the kill, the Falcon successfully navigating an asteroid field, professional players like Paul Heaver working their magic to thunderous applause of fans from all corners of the globe. This had been going on for three years right under my nose. I was sold, so I grab the starter set and a few expansions and play some rounds with my friends.

A little bit of back story. I’ve been playing Warhammer and Magic the Gathering for several years. They are really enjoyable games to play however I can’t recommend them as the community surrounding them is a little bit too toxic for my liking. They put me off playing at a competitive level as I have little tolerance for tantrums. It may just be the natural progression of of all gaming communities given a few decades, who knows? Out of interest I googled ‘X-Wing rage quit’ and ‘X-Wing salty moments’ and found no shred of evidence. Also note I started playing late 2016 so I have a lot of catching up to do.

So with renewed confidence that I’d found a cool new hobby I set off in search of my first tournament, stay tuned for part 2. :D

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