X-Wing: Moo!

Guess who’s back!

It’s been a while since I posted one of these blog things up. Hadn’t played in a while, got bored, and had nothing substantial to talk about. That said, just got back from Store Championships at my local (Darksphere). So that’s worth a shout at least. Here is the list:

Omicron Group Pilot w/ Fire Control System, Anti-Pursuit Lasers

Omicron Group Pilot w/ Fire Control System, Anti-Pursuit Lasers

Omicron Group Pilot w/ Fire Control System, Anti-Pursuit Lasers

“Duchess” w/ Adaptability, Adaptive Ailerons, Lightweight Frame

I love my Space Cows dearly and wanted to give them another try after the slaughter house that was Yavin (check part… whatever it was for more details). It’s like watching a dogfight between F-15s and air balloons. Victory is all the sweeter when the air balloons win! I threw “Duchess” in there just so I had a bit of a chance when the enemy got behind the moo moos. Speaking of which:

The deployment that deserved a smack

One of the most glaring weaknesses of the majestic moo moo is that it’s turning circle is pigeon shit. So once your opponent was behind you there wasn’t much you could do to shake them. To counteract this, as well as give me an edge against superior ships in general, was to ‘castle up’. Locking yourself in place for several turns while your opponent comes to you is somewhat frowned upon and I didn’t expect to make many friends doing it.

I have absolutely no regrets with doing this. In a tournament setting with Fenn Rau, Miranda, TLT and all the other top tier gizmos I need every edge I can get just to stay in the game. I have accepted the meta for what it is and no longer hold a grudge against players that used it like I used to. I came this close (you can’t see my fingers but they are really close right now) to joining in the meta and flying top tier stuff. But I couldn’t. It’s just not me. So you guys are gonna have to get used to the Cow Man because he’s here to stay. Enough trash talk, here’s how I did:

Round 1: Brobots. Win. 100–25

By god those Heavy Laser Cannons pack a punch don’t they? Fortunately they flew a bit too close and got jumped.

Round 2: Leebo/Poe. Loss. 0–100

This was the first the first time I’ve lost with this list (even in practice). Took him a while to figure out but my opponent put on just enough pressure to force the formation to move out the corner then it was just a matter of getting behind them. Proper good match.

Round 3: XXXXZ. Win. 100–38

Think this only just beats round 2 as my ‘match of the day’. No fancy upgrades or abilities. Just a good old fashioned ship-to-ship volley fire. Dice gods were a bit too kind to me that game though.

Round 4: Quickdraw/Vader/Sabacc. Loss. 0–38

Opponent was understandably upset about my lack of movement for the majority of the game. But once he saw that Lambdas bleed just like everything else the fire returned and it was a rather intense 20 minute skirmish. Came down to the last dice rolls but I didn’t have enough eyes on to finish one ship.

Round 5: Quickdraw/Vessery/Deathfire. Win. 100–38

Quickdraw was a bit too far away when the fighting began and I was able to focus fire the others before he arrived. Think it took me 20 minutes to catch the slippery bugger and I lost more points than I had hoped to before finishing the job.

Well there you have it. 3 wins, 2 losses. Placed 14th out of 34 participants. Thanks to the event organisers for how smooth everything went, my opponents for some top notch games, and a special thank you to all the passers by who looked fucking befuddled at the notion of more than 1 Lambda being ‘a thing’. I do it for the looks on your faces. #herdmeta.

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