X-Wing: Baptism by Pew

Wasn’t easy finding others to play with. After a bit of digging on the internet I found Dark Sphere in London to be my closest port of call. Got a ticket for the next tournament and set off with the following list:

Kath Scarlet/Marksmanship/Gunner

Howlrunner/Stealth Device

Mauler Mithel


I’d only played 2 games with it but it had a better win ratio than anything I had previously made so it would have to do. Waiting outside the shop I bumped into Zach and Chris (more on them later) who it turned out lived just down the road from me and were always up for a game. Off to a great start. So I played a total of five 60min games with little breaks inbetween for setting up, smoking and food. The final result, 1 win, 4 losses. Bottom of the leaderboard for my first time there. Gonna sum up a few key points about my experience in X-wing’s tournament setting:

  1. I had no idea what I was doing against more experienced players. I had a lot to learn and people were more than happy to help out. Advice given about how I could fly better with my own ships as well as how I should consider flying against their list should we cross paths again.
  2. I didn’t face against the meta. I was expecting net lists galore based off what was winning on the YouTube videos I’d been watching (which is now the only sport viewed in my house). I think I only saw 2 defender lists out of 30 plus people, everyone else had their own curious combinations, unique and deadly.
  3. Even in a competitive setting where players want to win (which is kinda the point) fly casual always takes priority. If you make a mistake or forget a trigger players are happy to let it slide (within reason obviously), it’s just a game after all and we’re all here to have fun.
  4. Met a few friendly faces, some members 186th Squadron who are apparently a big deal around here but I’ll take their word for it ;). One of them kindly donated an upgrade card he won as he already had a copy.

The above points are reasons why I love the community surrounding this game. 10/10-ign would go back to Dark Sphere for another tournament. Stay tuned for part 3 to find out what happened when I did go back for another bout.

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