X-Wing pt3: Revenge of the Scrublord

When I started playing I had taken a liking to Shara Bey. Her ability to share target locks to friendly ships seemed pretty cool and I wanted to abuse the hell out of it. Weapons Engineer was a natural fit effectively doubling the ability, as well as adding “Dutch” Vander as a wingman. I couldn’t get the astromech right, or the second wingman for that matter and after several games I dropped the idea. Many expansions purchased later and my second tournament fast approaching I created my list out of an apple juice-induced epiphany at one in the morning.

Shara Bey/Trick Shot/Weapons Engineer/M9-G8/Alliance Overhaul

Esege Tuketu/Twin Laser Turret/Recon Specialist

“Dutch” Vander/Twin Laser Turret

Three ships that produce four target locks and four focus tokens that they can pass round to whoever needs them the most. They are all PS6 so flying close together won’t be such a headache and with TLT and aux arcs they don’t need to be facing their targets head on (I’m looking at you Fenn). M9-G8 is essential as the 2 target locks can be placed on the TLT ships to provide an extra reroll for each shot, and then placed on big threats to force a reroll from them giving me a better chance of surviving.

And then I practiced. A lot. I’m talking about 30–40 games. Most were done on tabletop simulator (which performed rather well) and the other games against the local Xwingers Zach and Chris (which did not perform well). I followed YouTube videos on how to formation fly, practiced movements and asteroid placement at home. This helped me learn how my opening few turns would go down. My personal favourite went like this. Second biggest asteroid 2 and 2 in one of my corners and the third biggest 2 and 1.5 away from that. Deploy ships in a block in the same corner facing down my deployment zone. Game starts all bank 1. This gives off the impression that I’m trying to turn around. Then bank 1 the opposite direction. Then a 2 turn. Now my convoy of trucks is nestled in between 2 large rocks just as the shooting starts. If my opponent turns in they risk the bump but if they turn away they have to navigate rocks with no arcs on.

Playing loads of games using this strategy and variants of it gave this home brew list the edge it needed to survive in the wilds. So long as I stay in formation, stay close to rocks and spam out heavily modded TLT shots I’ve done all I can for Shara Bey.

On to my second tournament at Dark Sphere. This is around the time when Parattani was the new flavour of the month and Fenn was doing the rounds. Which I was not looking forward to as his damage output on my ships makes me cringe. Okay enough stalling lets see how I did.

Game 1 Loss: Manaroo, Fenn, Old Teroch

I really underestimated how fast and aggressive those nippy little buggers were and with Manaroo support it made getting a shot on target extremely difficult.

Game 2 Win: Countess Ryad, “Pure Sabacc”, Tomax Bren, Dark Curse

Sabacc was the first to go because he is way too squishy, followed by Tomax. Dark Curse stuck a middle finger up at the entire premise of my heavy mods build.

Game 3 Win: Poe Dameron, 2x Blue Squadron Pilots and an A-wing (I think)

My opponent was fully prepared to 4 straight a B-wing over an asteroid to break up my formation. Balls of steel.

Game 4 Win: Chewbacca, Rey

Double Falcons! I was shaking in my boots but I managed to stick to the plan and hide in the asteroid field like a coward.

Came 5th out of 25ish people and won an alternate art upgrade card. The top 4 as well as a few places down from me were all scum players which goes to show that you don’t have to play the meta to do well in X-wing. I mean it helps if you fly top tier but if you’re the kind of player who prefers to fly what they want then you can do just as well with practice. Like, a lot of practice. I’m talking sick of flying the same bloody list over and over practice. I’m happy I can shelve this list knowing I took these lesser flown pilots to the next level. But I always have ‘The Number of the Beast’ saved on my squad builder app. Just in case. :)

Tune in for part 4 when I go up north and become a farmer.