X-wing Spotlight: Grand Moff Tarkin

Started from the bottom now I’m here

Full disclosure here. I have a soft spot for well-spoken British actors who play the stern, authoritative and (perspective depending) evil characters. Charles Dance as Lord Vetinari. Jared Harris as Professor Moriarty. Peter Cushing as Grand Moff Tarkin. Meticulous movements, every action thoroughly calculated, and a voice that demands the immediate obedience of everyone in the room. That alone is why Tarkin rates very highly on my list of favourite characters in the Star Wars universe. He makes several reappearances in the Clone Wars and Rebels TV shows, as well as the more recent Rogue One movie.

Smile for the camera rebel scum.

There is even a book out called Star Wars: Tarkin which I urge you to read. It catalogues his life from beginning to end. I won’t spoil it. Let’s just say you don’t wanna end up in a fist fight with this guy. Alright enough man crushing, let’s talk X-wing.

Did you hear something?

I very much enjoy the way cards are made in X-wing. The ability has to mould around the character, not the other way around. Some are more obvious than others but a trip to the Wookiepedia can help. Sometimes they can be open to interpretation, allowing you to fill in the gaps yourself. In Tarkin’s case it’s his military career and tactical brilliance that lets him pick a ship and either add or remove a focus token. Allowing him to bolster defences or strike a weak point. This is the part of the article where I get buzzing on apple juice and try to make the most of this card.

It’s not poor picture quality, it’s motion blur.

Gozanti-class Cruiser: Grand Moff Tarkin, Agent Kallus, Dual Laser Turret, Gunnery Team, Docking Clamps, Tibanna Gas Supplies, Automated Protocols

4x Academy Pilot (docked)

120 points. Leaving you a generous 180 points to play around with in a standard epic battle. Here’s a breakdown; you want to target lock every turn. This kicks off Automated Protocols for the defence/heal. It also kicks off the Suppressor title which has a very similar ability to Tarkin’s. You can target lock a X/7 Defender and remove both evade and focus tokens. Then shoot it with a turret buffed by said target lock as well as Agent Kallus and Gunnery Team.

Epic ships move after all small and large base ships, giving you the opportunity is assess the situation and remove two tokens a turn from up to two ships. In theory it can keep your opponent on the back foot as they are forced to switch up their actions. It stops wasted attacks on token stripping, thereby making your attacks more efficient and bringing a swift end to the Rebellion.

Tarkin over 20 years after the original actor’s passing. Forever memorialised in the Star Wars Universe.
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