X-Wing spotlight: Shara Bey

Shara is Poe’s Mother #spoilers

While each ship has what can be considered a ‘best pilot’, this mini series is here to offer my experiences with the less obvious choices. With luck those cards that were previously overlooked get to spread their wings again. I’m aware that Shara is usually seen paired with Norra but that’s cheating. :P

Shara Bey was the first card I looked at that made me really want it to work for the ability alone. Being able to allow nearby friendlies to use her target locks meant they could take another action like focus to make their attacks all the more deadly. Throw in Weapons Engineer making that 2 target locks and now we got some real action economy. Upgrade with M9-G8 and things get a little serious. M9-G8 can force 1 attack dice to be rerolled when attacking (friend or foe). So you can have up to 2 ships at any time having their attack power constantly disrupted. This works on every roll so Shara being escorted by two TLT wielding Y-wings get a huge boost. The best bit? This combo cost 6 points. Talk about value for money.

You get a TL, you get a TL, everybody gets a TL!

So we got a 34 point support ship with a few upgrades slots left over. Give her the title because why wouldn’t ya? Next I’d recommend Adaptability and here’s why. You have to consider who shoots first in the game. You want the enemy target locked ships to fire first, get their dice modded, and then have your friendly ships fire back using up the target lock tokens when necessary. Making your Pilot Skill 5 or 7 after seeing what ships you’re flying against can help make this a sure thing. Shara pulling an unexpected block is a sure fire way to make sure she won’t be shot at. Because she will be shot at, a lot.

At this point I’d call it a day, if you wanna stick some cool gadgets on I’ll leave that to you. I took Shara, Dutch and Esege to a tournament and came 5th (currently my best), so you know she has some potential. Hell if I can get the most out of this pilot then anyone can.

Let me know if you want to see more of this mini series in between my usual X-wing shenanigans. If you do great. If not…. who am I kidding I’ll probably do it anyway.