Gym Split

So this post is for everyone that is into fitness and train regularly at the gym. I personally train 5 days a week and have a strict gym schedule. My split is a push pull legs and I divide it like the following: Monday: Push — Tuesday: Pull — Wednesday: Rest — Thursday: Push — Friday: Pull — Saturday: Legs and Sunday: Rest. I believe it is working great at the moment and I will stick with that split. Push/Pull/Legs is a great split if you are looking to pack some muscle and have more strenght at the same time. Another plus to this split is that it’s versatile, meaning that you can play a lot with the type of exercices, play with your rest days etc. Altought most would say that this is split for people that have some “gym time” experience, I personnally feel that anyone can manage this split if well prepared and planned.

Again, plenty of rest and good nutrition is as important as your training log!