Apple just told the world it has no idea who the Mac is for
Owen Williams

Does Apple respect its power user base? The answer to that question can be found its refusal to update the Mac Pro since December of 2013. That’s leaving plenty of people with video-editing and large graphics editing jobs sitting with a veritably ancient computer wondering whether or not they should convert once and for all to the Wintel platform.

As for their new Macbook Pros, they seem to have forgotten the fact that people actually use a laptop out in the field, places where the necessity to have dongles to read a digital card, to plug in a flash drive, and so forth is highly inconvenient at best and a show-stopper at worst when that dongle is inevitably lost or forgotten back at the office.

Honestly, I think Apple is so determined to build its cloud business that it has lost its mind when it comes to computers.

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