The Democrats Russian Ploy

The Democrats faced a terrible scandal about their emails. The party leaders actively sought to destroy, discredit and force a failure of one of their own candidates. The emails themselves were laced with acrimonious comments about someone THEY did not want as their front runner. The hell with what the American people wanted.

As an upswell of support for Bernie Sanders swept America, those who backed him could not believe that he was not doing better in the polls, in the primaries.

What they didn’t know was that behind the scenes, party leaders were doing everything disparaging Sanders to trying to find ways to use his religious affiliations against him.

Then came the leaks. And the removal of the head of the Democratic National Committee. Amidst the ‘oh my goodnesses’ and the ‘we would never tolerate that in THIS party’ came the obvious ploy.

Who did this horrendous thing?

Not the emails themselves. No, the focus of the Democrats was on who leaked the emails. Then came the Russian angle.

Oh No! The party was hacked by the Russians! Putin wanted to help make sure Donald Trump was President!

We can’t have that! Oh no no no!

Soon the news was less dominated by the emails themselves and focused on the terrible Russians who want to hijack our election process and get who they want in as President of the United States.

But wait. Really ?Russian intrigue? And the American public is already to jump on board this idea! And ignore the fact that these emails were written?

Well why not. Bernie Sanders seems fine with it.

But whose election process is this? This is the American people’s process.

Should we be upset that Russian hacked one of our major political parties? Well of course we should! But we should not be distracted by the fact that the DNC actively sought to hijack our election process long before the Russians got involved.

It is a typical bait and switch ploy by the Democrats to try and get the focus off the real problems because they don’t want you to think to hard about them. That way they stay in power. And who does that benefit? Them of course.

We need to be worried about national security when another government can hack us. But we also need to be worried when a political powerhouse group (in this case the DNC) feels they can take tyrannical actions and get away with it.

We need to hold the Russians accountable (if it was indeed them — but seriously, what do they benefit from getting someone the Democrats are constantly telling us is a loose cannon into a position that he could very well start a war with anyone). But we also need to not let the fact that the leaders of one of our major political parties think they can take control away from the people.

And lets not forget, they are also trying to keep you from realizing that there are more than two choices for President. They want to keep your focus on the Hillary or Trump choices. Because it keeps them in power. And that is something they are more consumed with then actually being the public servants they have forgotten they are supposed to be.

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