Bitcoin Investing Ombudsman

We, Charles Chancellor-Mackay, have a collective 100 years of Bitcoin investing experience. We have grown ill from the rot at the core of Bitcoin and its investing community. The Bitcoin ETF ruling was the last straw. The SEC spoke, we have listened and we will investigate Bitcoin leaders and exchanges and their interactions with miners and investors and the law.

We comprise a group who have been primary witnesses to events that have produced in us disquiet. We started as a small idea in the large Bitcoin channels and groups the weekend after the ETF didn’t pass. We have expanded as we have commenced our investigations into different colourful Bitcoin scandals. There are many like-minded persons in many different communities.

Today we are seeking evidence in regards to public market manipulation in appcoins, the uninvestigated Bitfinex exchange hack, the recent Pascalcoin listing on Poloniex and any instances of exchanges or Bitcoin leaders manipulating markets or taking advantage of customers and retail investors. If you have such information, especially logs of chats or conversations, and you would like to share it, contact @ or We will never share any contributor’s name in what we publish.

How else can you help? Spread the word and help bring Bitcoin from the shadows and into the light.

Thanks to everyone in Bitcoin who lead ethically, to all the developers for keeping us alive, to the The Bitcoin Group for being a moral compass, to @Beautyon_ and to @fluffypony for never backing down, to Wladimir for the thankless burden and to both @johnblocke and Muddy Waters Research for giving us a template.

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