How to use the Very Clear Ideas cards

A step-by-step guide to making any idea clearer

If you have an idea (for a project, for a new business, for a work of art — for anything) and you’d like to make it clearer, the Very Clear Ideas cards will help you get there — step-by-step.

Here are the steps:

Every deck of Very Clear Ideas cards contains 14 different questons.
The process begins with simple yes/no questions.
Each additional question brings a different perspective.
Even though the questions are simple, working together, they have a profound effect.
When the answer to one of the questions is yes, turn it over to show it’s ‘very clear’.
When you have asked all seven questions, check to see what is very clear and what isn’t.
When the answer isn’t clear, switch to an open-ended question to explore it.
Work your way through any of the questions that aren’t clear, exploring each until it’s clear.
As you get clear on each question, turn the card over to show that the answer is very clear.
When the answer to every question is very clear, then the process is complete.
There are three alternative packs of Very Clear Ideas cards: art, work and life.