Just do it

We’re living in a new age of design where anything goes. And I’m thinking we should take advantage of it.

Too many times I’ve psyched myself out from posting new ideas — too focused on the form, on the style. Too critical of the quality of my own work. Too concerned by what others would think of it: , I’d think to myself.

I sit back and witness the volume of work being shared, all types of things. I’m envious; in part by the quality of their work but especially in their ability to hit “publish.” Done. It’s live.

Kanye West allegedly shot the album cover for Ye on his iPhone, scribbled some words in flash green for the title. I can’t imagine how nerve-wracking it must be to share ideas for an audience like his. And I sweat bullets because I’m afraid of posting to my handful of followers. Jesus.

Because people like Kanye can’t afford to miss.

But I know I can definitely afford to. Maybe it’s time I let loose a little. Maybe my is actually quite okay.



Graphic Designer

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