Understanding liberals versus the left
Elizabeth Bruenig

How come nobody will go ahead and say it. This paradigm isn’t a new one. It’s the same battle that the left always has had about hegemony between those of the liberal identity preoccupied with revolution and radical change and those preoccupied with sustainable progress and stability.

Is this backlash against ‘Change you can Believe In’ or Hillary’s eschewal of traditional demagoguery? Some of both is the only real answer.

Is there anything here worth really fighting over?

Everyone wants electoral reform.
Everyone wants to battle against income equality.
Everyone wants to stop the erosions of civil rights.
Everyone wants to expand the welfare state.

By my estimation there isn’t anything here to fight for politically. It’s all about tone and dissonance between those who want to establish a better union and those whose identity is anti-establishmentarianism.