Welcome to #Facebooktopia! Mark’s manifesto will usher us into a new world order.


A world where you never have to hear anything you don’t agree with, and all those “bad” people will be filtered out by sophisticated AI programs. We’ll also accurately classify any “bad” people as belonging to “un-meaningful groups”. This way we can suppress them and make sure no one has to suffer the *torment* of hearing ideas that they disagree with. Don’t worry about the AI making mistakes because a tiny fraction of those decisions will be monitored by a crack team of experts hand chosen by Facebook, who will decide exactly what kind of information you ought to see. You can rest assured.

Coming soon: Facebook will work on AI that can provide you with fully fleshed out ideas that you can adopt yourself without having to think or anything. We know it’s so hard to figure out for yourselves what to think — it being so difficult to determine truth and falsity for yourself. Why you might actually have to be educated to do that. You might even have to defend your ideas against other people!!! who have different ideas!!!. In this glorious future you won’t ever have to listen to opposing ideas that are icky and are difficult to come up with arguments against. Facebook will take care of everything, and will provide everyone with the right ideas so you don’t have to worry about that.

We are going to go even further to ensure our Facebooktopia is safe from any future threats. We will be proactive and work hard to protect you from harm. We will develop sophisticated AI that will monitor everyone’s posts and detect if they ever have any bad thoughts. Once detected we will instantly notify people nearby who can come and help them get over those bad thoughts and get back onto the Right Track.

Welcome to the new world order! How fantastic will this be!!! There will be world peace and harmony once we’ve made it so that everyone thinks exactly the same things.