What Do Economists Actually Know?
Russ Roberts

Interesting article. However, regarding the Owen Zidar paper, you state “According to Zidar, the editor has asked for revision and resubmission, which often means it will survive the peer review process. This suggests Zidar’s claims are true.” I would have written that, in relevant part, as “… it will survive the peer review process. This suggests Zidar’s claims reinforce the beliefs of many economists who subscribe to the Journal of Political Economy.” 
Without knowing anything more about Zidar other than the referenced paper it would seem to me that Zidar is an adherent of Keynes’ belief that consumption drives the economy. Certainly, low income earners have a higher propensity to consume so a very large portion of any increase in disposable income for that group will be spent on consumption of consumer goods and services. However, high income people have a higher propensity to save and the increased savings from a tax cut do not just disappear, nor do they end up in the cellar of Scrooge McDuck for him to swim through. Those savings are made available for investment, present expenditures for capital that will lead to greater production and consumption of goods and services in the future. 
Just my $.02 worth. 
BTW, I love the Hayek-Keynes videos. Brilliant stuff.

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