Blogging journal

So, this is partially a test to see how exactly Medium works, especially after being considered according to the CEO as the new breakthrough in communication. Anyway, thats beyond the point.

The point is that quite a lot of advice about life seems to be linked to writing a journal. The reason for this is that it is useful to go through your day, both as a form of thankfullness, reminding and just generally good practise for something to write.

It seems that Blogs are normally the area for those creative types. A way for them either to express themselves in a different medium — if say you’re a designer, fashion even programmer, or if you’re a writer then a way for you to easily repeat and churn stuff out. It should improve your writing and your thought process as well.

Not sure whether I’ll keep doing this — I did one when I first came over here to New York, I’ve started a few others, but we’ll see. I like the idea of writing one of these before I go to bed — having often struggled with insominia this seems a good way to get things off my head and onto paper. With any luck I’ll write another one before I sleep.

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