Fuck Bernie Fucking Sanders
Val Perry

Harry Truman once said, “The only thing new under the Sun is the history you do not know.” To which, I would add, the polls you did not read. Bernie is now the most popular politician in America. New poll shows that if the election were held today, Ms. Clinton would lose. Again. By an even bigger margin, plus lose the popular vote. Which, by the way, was not the biggest in history. Nixon’s landslide in 1972 was bigger, for example. Democrats need to learn more history, and reform the party by eliminating the superdelegate system. Over a billion dollars was spent on Ms. Clinton; and, as everyone knows the candidate with the most money wins, right? No, not anymore. It seems that brainwashing using advertising alone does not work now. The people have a voice on social media, and organize themselves instead of being organized by a party hack. This is the part that seems to stump the DNC hacks; the electorate is in the process of an evolution. Ms. Clinton was a 20th Century person lost in a 21st Century world, who thought she could hide a server in her basement, and keep secrets in an increasingly transparent world where hackers rule. Either the Democrats turn the page and start from scratch, or they lose the last opportunity to turn the tide. They must embrace the changes they cannot control; and, to have the wisdom to make the changes they can make inside the party to reflect the new reality. They must have new, fresh faces that reflect the evolution of the electorate. And what shape will said evolution take?

Mark Twain: In a Republic the government’s job is to obey orders, not originate them.

corruptissima re publica plurimae leges, When the republic is at its most corrupt the laws are most numerous, Tacitus.

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