climate change is a hoax, the earth is now tipped 18 degrees towards Japan so of course you are…
Sientje Seinen

Ouch, my brain hurt just reading that. It is NOT tilting towards Japan, or anywhere else.

Quick Science lesson: The Earth’s tilt may affect weather, but not like that. As the Earth orbits the sun the axis of rotation stays the same, but it’s orientation relative to the sun changes. It describes a circle with the poles tilting either towards or away from the sun. When the North pole is pointing towards the sun the northern hemisphere gets more sun, and we have summer here, and the southern hemisphere has winter. As the tilt changes, so do the seasons. It is not changing, the climates is.

Sin is one of the few pollutants we can be assured that is NOT affecting the environment, unless you count the sinful nature in which we are polluting it.