An ode to the de-escalators in the face of Trump
David Turnbull

David, I really don’t know what to say. I … just don’t.

You blockaded the supporters of a newly elected president to stop them from freely gathering to support their candidate’s inauguration ceremony.

What were you thinking, David? WTF were you thinking? You think this is somehow a good thing to do, that it’s going to somehow help?

If I heard that conservatives had done this to Obama’s inauguration I would be deeply outraged (not shocked — just outraged). To hear that anti-Trump supporters have done it is worse than outrage. It’s — I can’t tell you how depressing it is. It tells me Trump is a hair’s-breadth away from winning. He’s succeeded in making you just like him. You’ve become Donald Trump. This is just the kind of thing he’d do, and more especially, it’s the way he’d justify his actions afterward as normal, as good, as praiseworthy.

If you believe that democratic rights only apply to the citizens you agree with, you don’t believe in democracy at all. Tolerance that only extends to those like you isn’t tolerance. The blockade you participated in? It’s a naked admission that you believe in shutting down competing views by force. That makes you a Trump supporter in everything except the agenda you happen to be pushing. And guess what? He’s way better than you at trampling democracy to get his agenda up. He’s better than anyone else in your whole country. He’s going to come out on top every time you go up against him on his terms. You can never win in a race to the bottom against Donald Trump, because however low you’re prepared to sink he’ll go 10 steps lower without batting an eye, and you know what? He’ll figure out a way to make you look like the bad guy, every time.

That’s why you won’t win that way, David. You can’t.

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