The Slazenger Files

Anna and Mark.

Mark opened his blouse.

‘It’s perfectly natural’ he said, as Anna grasped her mug of steaming milk tightly.

‘What, you don’t think I look good?’ Mark chuckled to himself and continued opening his silken blouse.

‘You know this is what you’re after’ he said, smugly.

‘I-I-I’m just not sure if I’m ready for this’ Anna remarked, as she slowly and nervously backed away, trying to let Mark notice she was doing so.

‘Where are you going?’ he said, ‘I’ve only just gotten started babe’ he said as he continued to open his blouse even further, at the same time untying the drawstring around his silk pyjama trousers.

Mark flicked off his velvet slippers and dug his toes into the sheepskin rug underneath.

‘Mmmmmmm, this feels sooooooo good’ he exclaimed, continuing to unbutton his blouse even further this time, revealing his thick curly chest hair.

Anna tightened her grip around the mug of hot milk, which she had recently heated in the microwave just minutes ago. It was too hot to drink, but the thick china allowed her to hold it without burning herself.

Mark edged forward, his trousers now round his ankles, revealing his leather pants. His blouse was agape, showing his thick curly haired torso and his bloated stomach.

‘You need to relax, and I know exactly how I can help you’ Mark said as he edged himself even further forward, slowly running his fingers through his chest hair which was beading with sweat quite considerably.

Anna said nothing, but flung the hot mug of milk straight at Mark’s torso hoping the scolding milk would make him go away, or at least give her a chance to escape.

‘OOOHHHHHHH YEAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH’ Mark screamed. Unfortunately the milk wasn’t quite as hot as Anna thought, it was quite warm — and just the right temperature to give Mark a pleasurable experience rather than cause him pain.

‘Oh you’ve really hit the spot now’ Mark said, as his breath quickened under the shock of Anna’s actions.

‘Now I can tell you’re really into this’ he said quite seriously, but with a lusty grin plastered over his milk covered face.

‘Look I’m really not’ Anna exclaimed, panic stricken but trying to remain calm.

‘I just want to go now’ she said, backing slowly away towards the door.

‘You’re not going anywhere’ Mark said, edging ever closer to Anna, his bloated stomach dripping with the warm milk down onto his legs and pants.

‘Look will you just fuck off’ Anna said defensively, as she backed away, getting closer and closer to the door.

Her hands reached for something, anything, a weapon or something she might be able to threaten him with.

She finally grasped hold of a metal rod that was leant against the wall, she couldn’t quite understand why it was there, but she wasn’t about to ask questions now.

She gripped it tightly and snapped it up firmly in front of her to try and distance herself from him. As she did, Mark lunged forward, the metal rod swiping up cleanly through the centre of his stomach. This rod was fucking sharp.

Mark stopped, shocked and looked down. Anna pulled the rod back, and shrank back against the door.

Mark slowly moved his hands to the gash that had been made into his bloated tum. Blood started to bead from the top of his navel.

Mark made a noise, a long breathy exclamation, but Anna was unable to decipher wether it was in pleasure or in pain — ‘Huhhhhheeeeeeehhhhhhh’

Suddenly, like a pig being gutted at an abattoir — Mark’s stomach split open, letting his intestines fall heavily onto the polished oak flooring below.

‘OHHHHHHHHHHH YEEEEEEESSSSSSSSS THAT’S GOOOOOOODDDD’ Mark screamed, as he rapidly started to massage his hands around inside his own stomach, causing the rest of his internal organs to flap and flop around some falling to the ground, some rupturing and causing more blood, bile and other liquids to spray around the room and onto Anna.

Anna screamed and raised the rod again, this time bringing it down firmly onto Mark’s head, causing Mark to stumble back and crash into a mahogany dresser full to the brim with antique plates.

The plates came crashing down, one after the other, smashing into Mark’s head and body, some sticking into his flesh and causing more blood to spurt from his swollen body.

‘OHH YEAAAAHH THAT’S THE GOOD STUFFFFF’ he screamed again, this guy really was bloody weird Anna thought.

She struck him again with the rod, striking the top of his head, again, and again, and again and again. She smashed and smashed until there was nothing left but a bloody pulp of bone, flesh, brain, teeth and tongue.

She stepped back, exhausted but relieved. There’s simply no way he could make an inappropriate comment now, not in this state.

She dropped the rod and stepped back, starting to panic slightly over the deed she had just committed.

His body suddenly convulsed, juddering once and then slumping back. He started to gurgle, causing blood and small pieces of brain to cascade down onto his silk blouse.

‘OHffFFKKKkkkkk YYYHHHSss thhhsssskkkkkkkeee thhhhhhhh GGgggggggkkkoooootttdd ShHHHhtTTTTTT’ he spluttered, the remains of his tongue and jaw moving together and causing more brain, flesh and blood to spill out over the floor.

Anna screamed and rushed her hands to her face to stop herself from being sick, her eyes welled up and she started to panic.

Mark’s body started to convulse even more, his legs moving as if to try and stand up, his arms pushing up what was left of him, steadying himself on the mahogany dresser where the antique plates stood gracefully just moments ago.

He slowly stood up, Anna’s face reddening with fear and disgust, her hands covering all but her eyes as Mark’s ruptured torso waddled forward, his head lolling from side to side and dropping pieces of brain and teeth onto the floor. His eyes starting to spill out of their sockets as he started to chuckle and reach out for Anna’s body.

Anna screamed again, shaking with fear — she noticed the tall stained glass window behind Mark, and ran straight for it. She smashed straight through the lead frame and out into the outside world. The cold air hit her but that was the least of her worries, she was now plummeting 30 feet onto the ground below. She let out one final shriek as she realized what she had done under her moment of complete panic.

Her body hit the ground like a water balloon, splitting and exploding like a hot tomato soup, flesh and bone scattering across the street and passers by stopped in shock and disgust.

She was still conscious. Somehow the fall had caused everything but her head to rupture and split, she wouldn’t last long but she had just enough time to see Mark looking down from above, laughing and spluttering at her, a real mess of a man. She looked down at herself, ribbons of skin and flesh, a river of blood steaming into the cold night air of Istanbul.

She took one last breath, and then faded away.

The End.

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