How to Perform SEO Audit for Your Website

There are sites which command high traffic. These websites are always on the top of the search engines and highly visible on the search engines rankings. Then there are others — disjointed, unattractive and if by bad luck you land there, you quickly bolt out, with “OMG! How did I ever end here!” sigh. Even though these two sites could offer similar products and services, the good one appears to do better in attracting and keeping high-value clients consistently. The other is prone to real-time hacking, incongruent contents and prominent vulgar adverts — obscuring even the actual services being touted on the site.

You start wondering…. Why the stack contrast? Simple. Proper SEO Audit Tools and Tests have been applied on the former sites but not the latter.

Now that you realize how SEO Audit Tools can transform a website, it is prudent to rehearse on what these tools are.Basically, they are tools applied to detect and correct flaws in a website hence facilitate the instigation of proper remedial measures. In doing these, there are procedures to be followed. Below are the steps to perform SEO Audit for your websites.

Crawling Tools: These tools perform the initial walkover audit of the websites. They identify the broken links as well as flaws in its content’s meta-descriptions. To get further defects on the websites being audited, search engines are put to tasks in analyzing the data integrity. Search engines facilitate identification of the areas in need of corrections using the analytical SEO Audit Tools for your site.

Audit Analysis: Now that you have figured out the weaknesses within a website, you may embark on fixing these glitches. The five major audit components to be audited are discussed below:

Accessibility:For audits to be performed, the website must be accessible. The SEO Audit tools applied will establish inaccessible spots on the site and which factors hinder crawlers from performing their inspections.Any errors hindering crawlers from accessing the URLs are identified and removed.Additionally, issues related to inaccessible sitemaps and prolonged loading duration of a site are dealt with. Once these are cleaned, the site access speed will be improved.

Indexability:The next fix is to assess the web page indexing issues. As a rule of the thumb, indexes provides a rough estimate of the number of pages being indexed by the search engine. The task performed here will include sanity checks, page searches as well as brand searches.

Onpage ranking: This check will establish the factors influencing the website ranking by the search engines.URLsare the ideal starting point for on-page analysis. Here, the SEO Audit Tools will check whether the URLs are user-friendly, have relevant keywords, contain subfolder, use hyphens separators and reasonable parameters. The on-page audit should evaluate the contents in terms of value, keywords, stuffing/duplication, spelling, grammar, and readability. Other on-page audits may include checks on titles, meta description, tags, outlinks, and images therein.

Off-page ranking: Having verified the on-page ranking, the SEO Audit Tools will then expound on the shortcomings of the off-page structure. They will review the popularity, trustworthiness, authority and social engagement of the contents on the site. When issues such as backlink and spams are noticed, they are corrected to increase the reliability of the site.

Competitive Analysis: Undertaking a comparative analysis of the competing sites is a sure parameter of gauging the performance of the site under review. Here, the SEO Audit Tools are applied to decipher how well the competition is performing in term of all the above scenarios. Performance matrix is then tabulated. Where the site is inadequately performing, further audits are conducted. More so, the data provides fodder for the development of an authentic Audit Report.

The SEO Audit Tools will transform your dull, money-losing website into a highly ranked website once the Audit Report recommendations are implemented.

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