Quincy Larson. The Shepherd Of Millions Of People Learning To Code

Charles Freeborn
Sep 8, 2017 · 2 min read
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The year was 1950. Actually January 3, 1950. Peter Drucker and his father had visited the Austrian born American Economist, Joseph Schumpeter. In the course of the discussion, Schumpeter would say that

“I want to be remembered as having being the teacher who converted half a dozen brilliant students into first-rate economists.” Schumpeter would go on to say “.That one does not make a difference unless it is a difference in the lives of people.”

Meet Quincy Larson, the self taught programmer, whose famous online identity is “Teacher at freeCodeCamp”. He is the “shepherd” who is at the forefront of inspiring millions of people across the world into becoming world class developers.

If you have ever tried learning to code, you’d agree with me that the learning curve could sometimes be overwhelming and with the noise from the tech ecosystem not helping matters, one might be tempted to drop the idea of being a programmer.

Quincy Larson is on a mission to change the way that people learn to code and inspired by this mission, he created the freeCodeCamp in October of 2014. Since then, more than a million people have used the platform. Find the amazing statistics here.

Like his online profile reads “Teacher at freeCodeCamp”, Quincy’s freeCodeCamp guides the beginner programmer into becoming proficient in web development and contributing to open source development.

What would Quincy Larson say to the apiring developer?Let’s highlight some of his valuable insights.

1. Code every day.

You can follow this great teacher, read his thoughts here and get answers to questions from here.

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