Why Tim Cook is so furious
Gernot Poetsch

You missed the point.

Tim is furious because the FBI has asked Apple to use their well known back door, and is not giving in to Apple’s lie about unable to access the phones.

Stay with me here for a second…

  1. Apple uses a unique by phone signature ID to sign all updates (to stop a bad guy from downgrading the os)
  2. Apple can and does send updates to iPhone that run without user actions (these are to deal with critical security fixes)
  3. So with the right Sig keys Apple can send any update to any identified iPhone. It may take a few updates to achieve the privilege escalation, but they know the Target so this is trivial.
  4. The security update could do anything from stopping the delete all, to adding a big red button that says FBI access, to printing the pin, or even the encryption key on the screen, or even just backing up the phone to an FBI account.

We all need to understand that Apple does have these keys to update and there by access all iPhone. A much as Tim complains that is just about Apple trying to convince the world of a lie.

Now it is important to remember that in all cases the encryption is still good and strong, and users are protected against normal attacks, but Apple does have a vault with the keys to each phone.