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People hate — it is not exclusively men who occasionally just refuse to evolve, simply stand in defiance to progress, fairness, equality.

That said, yeah it’s mostly men. By far, it’s men.

What’ happening now, however, is the phenomenon of men who might otherwise be open to progress and equality who are being convinced of three LIES:

  1. The inherent aggressiveness of men is something to be celebrated and nurtured as a source of power, indeed even injected chemically in the form of testosterone supplements and Viagra
  2. The progressive liberal male embracing equality is considered passive, beta, a failure and even a disgrace
  3. Women don’t really want to mate with the passive males and they secretly want to be dominated as if they were savages living in the wild; that this is a turn-on for them.

Notice how #3 feeds very neatly into #1, and you get a loop. That’s what I see see happening, and it’s alarming.