Your column can be used as a prototype on how to spin, spin, spin until an embarrasing performance…
Philip E. Repko

Perhaps I was fooled too, but I saw it differently from both Carl S and the OP. I was surprised at how composed Pence remained until the last 20 minutes, and I thought he dominated conversation for most of the debate — but he did it by staying down in the weeds and trying to draw big-picture conclusions from tiny details which were melodramatically exaggerated in his telling. He fooled a lot of idiots, I’m afraid. It appeared to me that Kaine was unaware how effective Pence’s tactics were until he got to the point where he could tell the story of his personal struggle with his Catholic faith vs. his duties as a governor in a state with a death penalty. From that point on, Kaine was just raining body blows on Pence, who IMO was reduced to rope-a-dope by the end. Pence did a bang up job — far better political and rhetorical talent than I thought Trump could attract on his team, to be honest. Still, in my view Kaine will go down as the winner simply due to Pence’s evasion, which is now put in the spotlight with this latest Trump misogynist scandal.