I’m really glad you could take something from my comments and I appreciate your reflection.
Lauren Parker

Thank you so much for your helpful comments! It never occurred to me to encourage my daughter to introduce herself to the administration (I will do so, but I am half-expecting to hear she’s already done it. I’m fairly sure she’s considerably smarter than I ever was).

RE: rape culture, I have at least four dad-friends who have come to me independently or indirectly over the last few days expressing some version of the light bulb turning on in their heads. “I get it … THIS is rape culture.”

Bootlicking Billy Bush is the poster boy for how rape culture spreads, and Trump is one among many other hosts of the disease. Awareness is being raised.

Thank you again for the conversation — I wish you well. If it means anything to you at all, I hope you feel some support from men like me who will not allow this behavior to go unchallenged in our personal or public lives.

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