By Endorsing Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders May Have Positioned Himself to Win The Presidency
Edison Starkweather

There is little to no likelihood that Clinton will drop out of the race, in my estimation. This is just like every other “Clinton scandal” we’ve been reading about for 30 years. Either Clinton is a criminal mastermind and a mass murderer (not likely — according to Politifact she’s actually the most honest of all the candidates for president in the 2016 election), or her political enemies have absolutely no shame whatsoever. Either way, Clinton is not going to jail and I highly doubt she’ll ever face trial. Bernie coming to rescue the country from the Orange Idiot in the nick of time is a nice thought (I am a Bernie supporter) but I don’t think Sanders will ever be president (more’s the pity for all of us). I’m going to follow his lead and help elect honest progressives in federal and state elections and in Congress. The White House will have to wait this time.