Peter Thiel, Y Combinator and How to Live With Trump Supporters

The author goes to page 1 of the Progressive, political playbook — tar those who don’t agree with your political philosophy and policy choices as evil or insane, ideally both. This has been tremendously successful for the Progressive and Leftist elite. It absolves them of making valid arguments and winning those arguments on the merits. It’s a whole lot easier to “win” the argument when the other side’s positions are deemed anathema in polite society or even the raucous public square. There will be a societal price to be paid for attributing the worse to those who simply disagree with you and the meter has been running for a long time. Some examples: pre-dawn, armed raids on sleeping families in the “John Doe” investigation in Wisconsin ( and the recent attacks on local Republican Party election headquarters (; There’s a reason for this tactic — Progressives can’t win political arguments on the merits and must resort to tarring their opponents to win.

There are millions of people who think that Hillary Clinton is not fit for the Presidency. Blind, lifelong ambition is not a sufficient qualification. Among her “achievements”: enabling systematic rape and sexual assault on behalf of her husband AND engaging the media and bureaucracy to destroy his victims’ reputations and livelihoods. She left the White House “dead broke” (her words) and now is personally worth $100+ mil. She has not had a real job in decades; not started a company; not invested in any unicorns; not built any killer apps; and not created any innovative services. She simply has run one of the most effective political shakedown operations in recent US electoral history.

Clinton was solely responsible for the largest breach of classified material by a high ranking US official ever. It’s a virtual certainty that foreign intelligence services possess all of her email from her “homebrew” server (official and personal). The impact of that breach will probably never be known. Snowden’s probably a little jealous. In the meantime, a naval enlisted person is in jail for a year because he took a phone pic of a sensitive panel in his submarine so that he could study it after hours.

In 2008, she claimed she was better prepared for the presidency because she would take that “1am call” and make the hard decisions regarding the life and death decisions a president sometimes has to make. At Benghazi, the call came and nothing happened. Four people are dead and an unknown number of wounded — some maimed and affected for life. Her response, lie to the face a fallen State Department employee’s mother with a bizarre tale about a video.

All of these actions taken for one reason: her obsession with becoming president.

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