This Year’s Goals

Oops, I’m a bit behind on this. Regardless, here it is;

2016 is going to be a big year for me. I’m going to make some changes.

You’re probably not impressed or concerned. That’s okay.

It’s easy to be cynical about our attempts to improve ourselves. It’s easy to give up on ourselves and others. It’s easy to be private about your goals. Publicly stating a desire for improvement highlights our own shortcomings, imagined or otherwise, makes us vulnerable. Also, there’s some hubris in publicly stating your own goals. Who the fuck are you? Why should we care what you want out of your life?

Fuck that.

I intend to be better this year than I was last year. I intend to be stronger, kinder, more present, more knowledgable, and more grounded. In short, in 2016, I’m going to adult like a boss, without letting go of my core belief that our shared existence is a deeply surreal and humorous experience that we should always, always laugh at.

Below are my goals, and everything that I intend to do in order to achieve them. I will, inevitably, fail in achieving some of them. That’s okay.

May we all be better people this year than we were last year, last month, and last week.

Top Level Goals

  • Be Stronger
  • Be more flexible
  • Be a better acrobat
  • Be more present
  • Be more knowledgeable
  • Be a kinder person
  • Have meaningful experiences
  • Own Less


  • body Weight 220 (Current 207)
  • cold press 1-arm 120lb from shoulder
  • get-up’s with 120b from ground
  • 90 second handstand


  • increase overhead shoulder flexibility — near vertical
  • increase achilles heel/calf flexibility
  • lower back/hip balance


  • inlocate to Extended Hand-to-Hand
  • inlocate to reverse Hand-to-Hand
  • Croc get-up
  • bird 540 degree pop
  • bird to H2H
  • more whips


  • daily Meditation
  • write daily


  • focus on front-end development
  • give a technical talk
  • develop a personal project


  • listen more
  • talk less


  • strength
  • lift 3x/week
  • track progress, progressive enhancement


  • yoga 2x/week
  • calf, shoulder, hip stretches daily


  • train 3x/week
  • take more videos
  • train the simple things


  • start with 10 minutes daily
  • write 4 sentences a day


  • multi-day hike
  • road trip
  • climb Outdoors
  • learn how to lead climb
  • climb at 11.c level

Weekly Schedule

Monday 7:30am Yoga @ Yoga Mayu

Tuesday 6pm Acrobatics @ The Center

Wednesday 6pm Weights (Tabadas) @ Mint Plaza

Thursday 6pm Acrobatics @ The Center

Friday 5pm Weights (Supersets) @ The Center

Saturday 1:30pm Yoga + Acrobatics @ Yoga Mayu The Center

Sunday 9am Climbing + Weights @ Mission Cliffs

Daily Routine:

  1. sleep 8 hours
  2. meditation upon waking and prior to sleeping
  3. calf, shoulder, and hips stretches

Acrobatics Progressions

  1. inlocate to extended H2H
  • 30 second low extended H2H
  • Clean in locate to shoulder
  • 30 second high H2H
  • 30 second clean high H2H
  • 10 second extended high f2h
  • 10 second extended high h2H
  • Inlocate to high H2H
  1. croc get-up
  • f2H get-up
  1. reverse inlocate
  • 30 second extended reverse H2H
  • 30 second reverse high H2H
  • inlocate to reverse
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