Face It — America Doesn’t ‘Win’ a Lot of Wars
War Is Boring

It’s mostly an enrichment scheme for large number of people. The US relies on airpower (which unarguably is the most powerful in the world) and other delusions — such as how ‘special’ special forces are, when they are basically light infantry with airpower backing them up. The US military can now grind the rubble of numerous failed states into sand, and that is about it. They are not going to overwhelm or shock and awe Russia or China in their part of the world. They know all too well what the real limits of all that superpower military are. Let’s face it, the US military hasn’t faced an opponent that can defend itself in the field since it tried to bully what was left of Yugoslavia. And the tanks never got deployed (too big, too heavy to move quickly, horrible overweight machines incapable of operating in most parts of that ‘battle theater’), the helicopters never flew (they would have been shot down), and Clinton bombed Serbia’s infrastructure, civilian targets and military bases, outside of Kosovo, to defeat them. And the Serbs were the ones who used old tech to defeat the mighty stealth attack planes that are now just more trillion dollar junk that the DoD idiots don’t even discuss in public.

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