From Aristotle to the first artificial intelligence (“AI”) program.

Logic is a language for reasoning. The word “logic” comes from the greek term “logikos”, which means “word”, but has deeper resonances of intelligibility or ordered thought. Logic is formally defined as the science which addresses the validity of inference and demonstration. The deeper understanding of logic, however, is more nuanced and reveals its enduring appeal to philosophers and its influence on computer science, and ultimately the field of artificial intelligence.

I demonstrate the power of the Google BigQuery engine by building a classifier which will predict whether a NY city taxi ride will result in a generous tip or no tip at all. As part of doing this I explore the dataset and look at relationships in the dataset. I also visualize the pickups around the city and the result is a scatterplot which essentially draws the city streets of NY.

I feature the BigQuery UI, the python API, and pandas libraries related to executing SQL queries directly from the Jupiter notebook and sklearn. I describe challenges overcome within BigQuery…

Charlie Flanagan

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