Charles Jo
Mar 5, 2015 · 2 min read

by Charles Jo 3/4/15

14 words already in title alone… is a result of years of pondering about education, business, equal access, and jobs. In the US, there are lots of noise about value of education and why the cost continues to increase while the quality doesn’t seem to increase proportionately and some are even questioning whether we need college education outside fields that require professional certification. In a recent discussion with an acquaintance, a married man with young children was willing to pay almost $40K for a local part-time MBA program from a university that top companies would probably not take seriously — just a notch up from the “fake” universities. I thought about how if he was more aware of market, he may consider investing in himself to create a small app company on the side with that much money. Education is one thing but my college dreams of drinking coffee and reading books and attending lectures and discussions were just that — dreams. Perhaps when robots and AI can produce everything we need, we can have such luxuries but until then, I need to be a part of the support mechanism to people who can create new companies and employ people who need paychecks to survive. So SSG will be here to support the founders who will eventually employ hundreds of thousands, millions, and create industries that will support the billions of us on the planet. We are doing this now for free to users. Founders, investors, advisors from 4 continents are coming together online to help each other, share experiences, and building a support community. We hope that the next Facebook will come out of our community but even if it doesn’t, the idea that there is an always-on positive group for entrepreneurs is comforting to our members.

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    Charles Jo

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    Creator, Startup Study Group (SSG)

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